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When I was in college, my watercolor professor gave us an assignment over spring break. We were to paint a postcard that reflected where we were going for spring break. Being the broke college student I was, I always came back home to New Jersey to spend a week or so with my family.While home, I remember taking a walk on the beach and thinking, "Wow, this crab shell would be so fun to paint!" I took it home and made my first crab watercolor painting. When we got back to classes, my professor asked if she could keep my postcard to save as an example for future students. I said, of course, without knowing how much my dad loved the painting.My dad has been bugging me to paint another single crab watercolor painting ever since. It's only taken me 7 or 8 years for some reason, but my dad finally has a single crab watercolor original of his home.


The original is watercolor on Aquaboard.  Original is not for sale.


The 5x7 and 8x11" archival paper prints come packaged in a crystal-clear bag with a sturdy mattboard backing, frame not inlcuded.  Every print ships in a padded paper mailer. 



September 2023

Blue Claw - Print

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